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Coullabus Beag looks out over the R.S.P.B. reserve of Gruinart and most of the area is within binocular range.  Besides the reserve, we have our own very local wildlife, some of which is in the slide show above.  In particular, we have our own nesting Barn Owls and this image shows one of this years chicks just before ‘ringing’ .

Islay is home to an abundant  mixture of wild life – Deer –red & roe, Otters, Seals, Minke wales and Sperm Wales pass seasonally , Bottle Nose Dolphins cavort in the shallows and often escort the ferry  up the  Sound of Jura, Choughs, Owls, Bats and Eagles, Buzzards, Hen Harriers are amongst the many varieties found and Islay is also home to the wintering population of Greylag,  Barnacle and White Fronted Geese, numbering many tens of thousands which arrive in Mid. October and reside until Mid. April each year, before returning to Greenland. Whooper and Mute Swans and many Swallows and House Martins return faithfully each year.  Many nesting around the house, here at Gruinart, together with our own resident Barn Owls, Choughs and Bats.